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the American civil war and the jewish People

Cynthia Douthit sharing the Hebraic roots within our community:


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Congregational Leader, Cynthia Douthit.

(These Civil War series is presented by Cynthia Douthit, Executive Director of the Jewish Christian Studies Center.)

Short video TEACHING 

Passover & Civil War:

How Jewish Soldiers celebrated Passover

A messianic Hebraic FELLOWSHIP OF NWA

Elm Springs Historical Society reported a FULL HOUSE with the Guest Speaker, Executive Director of the Jewish Christian Studies Center; Cynthia Douthit as she shares about the Jewish people in the Civil War.  Her series covers topics such as:   "Jewish Soldiers in Blue and Gray, How They Coped" and "Jewish Wives/Jewish Widows: How shall we live now?".

For more information about this series: www.civilwarandjews.weebly.com



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