Jesus was born a Jew and lived a Jewish life. His Scripture was the Old Testament (Tanakh). (The New Testament had not been written and recorded.) He spoke as a Jew to other Jews, and His early followers were Jews.  The separation of Jesus/Yeshua from Judaism has had a tragic consequence throughout history. This has given rise to an historically incorrect image of Jesus the Messiah, Yeshua the Messiah.

A study on the first 5 books of the Bible, and will cover many of the saying that Jesus/Yeshua quoted.  Come and study with us, and cross the bridge back into the time and culture of the Bible, its content and context. Gain insight into what Jesus/Yeshua was teaching through a better understanding of the Hebrew (Jewish) culture.

Torah​ Study
  at Berit Olam at 6:45pm

    903 D West Johnson Ave., Springdale

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Berit Olam Fellowship Hall

903D West Johnson Ave., ​​

Springdale, AR
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Berit Olam Fellowship in connection with the Jewish Christian Studies Center of Springdale invites you to join us for this new bible study course. 

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at Berit Olam at 10:30am

903 D West Johnson Ave., Springdale    

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Starting this OCTOBER 3rd
Jewish Christian Studies Center
is offering a Bible Course

Every Wednesday mornings

​(there is NO Charge for the course)

Cynthia Douthit now has a YouTube Channel

'Words of the Bible,
the Words of Jesus The Messiah'.
A messianic Hebraic FELLOWSHIP OF NWA


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