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Learn about the new upcoming class by Cynthia Douthit:
~ the Jewishness of the gospels ~

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903D West Johnson Ave., Springdale
Berit Olam Fellowship Hall  
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at Berit Olam at 10:30am

903 D West Johnson Ave., Springdale    

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Torah​ Study
at Berit Olam at 6:45pm

    903 D West Johnson Ave., Springdale

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Berit Olam Fellowship in connection with the Jewish Christian Studies Center of Springdale invites you to join us for this new bible study course. 

Over the next few weeks we will learn about the gospel from a  different perspective; the Jewishness of the Gospels.  Although Jews and Christians share many of the same scriptural texts (the Christian "Old Testament," the Jewish Tanakh), they often understand them differently. 

Explore the ways that Jews and Christians have interpreted key texts, over two millennia of learning. This course will connect the students to the bridge back into the time and culture in which the Bible was written and examine the Scripture in its setting and cultural thought. 

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