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Cynthia & Harold Douthit, 
Congregational Leaders

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A messianic Hebraic FELLOWSHIP OF NWA

By studying Scripture in the context of the prayers, feasts, history and culture that surrounded our Messiah and those who followed him you will uncover the remarkable relationship that we as Believers have with the Land and the People of Israel.  The Hebrew heritage is a rich treasure just waiting to be discovered. 

Learn how all the Books of the Bible work together to paint a beautiful picture of the redemption in Yeshua, the Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world.  Come learn how the Feasts of ADONAI (Phil 2:11..Yeshua/Jesus is ADONAI) are foreshadows of Yeshua and gain insight into these set apart times.

We hope to meet you one day when you visit BERIT OLAM FELLOWSHIP!

​Cynthia & Harold Douthit
​Berit Olam Congregational Leaders​

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Learning the

Hebraic roots of our faith

Sabbath Worship
Saturday Morning
10:30 AM till 12 Noon
After Worship Fellowship Meal
12 Noon till 1 PM

Tuesday Evening Torah Study
6:45 PM till 7:50 PM

Congregational Leaders: Cynthia & Harold Douthit

903 D West Johnson Ave., Springdale, AR 72764

(Mailing Address: P.O. Box 44, Elm Springs, AR 72728) 
Phone: 479-957-3219

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We are now meeting on SABBATH. If you are unable  to attend, you can join us by phone call...  
BEGIN at 10:30 a.m. Call 1-862-799-9481 TO JOIN THE SERVICE. Call..  Tuesday torah are now meeting but will you can call-in using the same phone@.  For more information: Click here

What would it be like to learn as the disciples did of Yeshua/Jesus?  How would our understanding of the gospel have been shaped by the beliefs and customs of the Jewish culture in which we lived?

We invite you to join our weekly fellowships and classes to study and explore the Hebraic roots of the first century church and begin a fascinating tour of the Jewish world of Yeshua/Jesus that will provide inspirational insights to transform your faith.